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Sheet Music Plus - Over 350,000 sheet music titles, songbooks, scores, etc

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 About the author:
Gerri Gribi
is an award-winning musician, historian and educator who strives to bring the "unsung" history of women and minorities to life. Her CD The Womansong Collection, featuring 24 woman-positive traditional and composed songs with historical notes and lyrics, has been widely and enthusiastically reviewed at home and abroad. In addition to presenting classes and workshops, she travels North America performing her one-woman show A Musical Romp Through Women's History. To learn more about her work and programs, please visit her homepage.

Internet Resources Related to Women

Electronic Discussion Groups

Electronic Discussion Groups aka Mailing Lists are like closed bulletin boards. You "subscribe," though there is no fee or commitment for doing so. You can then send a message, which is distributed to everyone else on the list. People can respond to you privately, or to the list publicly. Some lists are moderated (the owner weeds out flames, irrelevancies and redundancies) but many aren't. Some come in digest form where messages are collected and sent in a batch once or so daily - always choose this option when available since some lists generate huge volumes of mail. You can even search through past postings.

Save the confirmation letter you receive when you subscribe, since it contains valuable information, like how to UN-subscribe, or search the message archive. There are discussion groups for every topic imaginable. Sometimes, a kind soul will compile and annotate a list of related lists for you!

You can even create your own discussion group very easily at Yahoo Groups

A list of forums related to women and gender issues is maintained by Joan Korneman at:

I subscribe to these:


A very lively list for scholars and anyone interested in women's history. You can do a keyword search of the archives, and get subscription information at their web site.


Another active and well-organized list, with a searchable archive, for those working in the field of Women's Studies. Subscribe online at the website.

WRAC-L for Women's Resource and Action Centers

Blogs by Women Bloggers

This site is designed to celebrate women`s perspectives, thinking, writing and creativity. The blog must have original content. Nearly 3000 are indexed.

More Links

National Council for Research on Women

Research information on women and girls has "gone missing" from government websites and publications during the Bush administration, and misinformation is shaping government actions on issues that affect women's lives. The NCRW not only documents these disappearances and misrepresentations, but provides sources of reliable research information on women and girls.

Women & Gender Historians of the Midwest (WGHOM)

An organization devoted to promoting women's and gender history in the Midwestern United States. They provide a forum for networking and sponsor a conference every 2 years.

Action Without Borders

Looking for web presence, but don't have the resources to create and maintain your own site? "Idealist" provides a place for groups to list information about themselves, events, jobs and volunteer options, etc...all without having to create your own website. It's very user friendly and advertisement free.

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Concerts, Festivals, Speakers and Other Events

National Women's History Project Calendar (send dates to

Feminist Events, Feminist Majority Foundation

Off Our Backs: The Feminist Journal - Lists festivals around the world

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