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Music for Sexual Violence Awareness Month (U.S.) - April

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The Crafy Maid's Policy- Traditional

This song, found in a London broadside dating back to 1860, is one of the "trickster" genre. Folklorist Robert Rodriguez first suggested to me that the song was perhaps a response to the type of ballad in which a group of carefree lords encounter a defenseless female servant and "frolic" with her. Our Crafty Maid is far from defenseless, however; she outwits a potential assailant with a bawdy double entendre, and steals his horse in the bargain. This song is found in All Our Lives: A Women's Songbook. Joyce Cheney, Marcia Deihl and Deborah Silverstein, Deborah, eds. Baltimore: Diana Press, 1976. Lyrics

We Say No Gerri Gribi, © 1986 BMI All Rights Reserved. (Originally recorded on my Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here Cassette)

In 1985 a local woman was murdered by her consistently abusive husband, shortly before our annual "Take Back the Night" rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin. As neighbors reacted to the tragedy, and were quoted in various news sources, I was struck by how many dismissed the man's long history of violence with comments like "Well yeah, we knew he beat her up sometimes but we didn't think he'd kill her."

Violence against women is deeply rooted in our culture, and various forms appear across a continuum. We have to say NO to it in any form!

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