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Beyond Black History Month! The Teacher Toolkit for Grades K-12
Contents ||| Reference Online ||| Reference Offline ||| FAQ ||| Professional Development ||| Elementary ||| History ||| Language Arts ||| Music ||| Math & Science ||| Visual Arts ||| Museums & Historic Sites ||| Link Policy ||| About the Author

1) Origins - History of and resources for:

Black History Month in the U.S. and Canada /// Martin Luther King Jr. Day /// Kwanzaa /// Juneteenth /// Black Nationalism (Marcus Garvey, Black Nationalist Colors and Flag, Malcolm X, Black Power, Organization Us) /// NAACP /// National Urban League /// National Council of Negro Women /// Rainbow/PUSH Coalition /// SCLC

2) Popular Topics: With resources including links, books, videos, CDs:

Underground Railroad, Slavery and Slave Narratives /// Civil Rights Movement /// Family Stuff: Food - Folk Tales - Children's Booklists - Genealogy /// Women /// Black Composers /// Higher Education: Historically Black Colleges, African Studies Programs, Research Centers, etc. /// Cool Sites of General Interest /// General Larry Platt, of American Idol fame for his original song "Pants on the Ground" is a veteran of the Civil Rights Movement. /// The Negro National Anthem: Lift Every Voice and Sing

New! African American Heritage Travel: Building the largest and most comprehensive site on the web

3) Offline Resources

A. Art Prints and Posters: For your classroom, office or home.

B. Music: CDs, books and videos about African American music. With emphasis on anthologies of traditional music, classical composers, and music from the Civil Rights movement.

C. Educational Videos Even if your school or public library does not own these videos, they are widely available free-of-charge through interlibrary loan.

D. Reading List An eclectic selection of recommendations from my own shelf, for the general reader or for educators. You'll find many more resources listed by curricular area in Beyond Black History Month: The Teacher Toolkit.

E. Black-oriented Magazines, Journals and Newspapers: The most complete, annotated list you'll find on the Internet!

F. Black TV Programs on DVD: From "Amos and Andy" (1951) to "The Game" (2009)

G. 2014 Calendars

4) Beyond Black History Month: Teacher Toolkit for Grades K-12: A selective guide to links, lesson plans, books, CDs, videos, posters and more.

History: Integrate black history all year 'round! Books, CDs, videos, web sites and links to lesson plans.  

Language Arts: Poetry, prose, folktales, theater and film. Links to online texts, biographies, lesson plans, plus recommended books, spoken word CDs and videos. Ebonics resources.

Math & Science: Lesson plans; biographies of scientists, mathematicians and inventors; statistics, plus recommended books and video.

Music: Links to lesson plans and biographies, web sites, plus recommended books, videos and CDs.

Visual Arts: How to find African American art on the web, links to biographies, exhibits, lesson plans, plus recommended books and videos.

Reference Online: All subject areas. Biographical databases, texts, speeches, documents and images; historical timelines and Black History calendars; museums and online exhibits. Tutorials for finding images and texts online. (Subject-specific biography links are found in each subject area.)

Reference Offline: All subject areas. Recommended books, videos and CDs for school and public libraries, plus resources for Young Adult media specialists.

5) Speakers, Performers and School Programs

The first year I posted this website, I was deluged with emails asking if I could suggest performers and speakers. So I provide this list as a free service. Click here to visit the list or to suggest programs.

6) About the Author

Gerri Gribi has a B.A. in History and an M.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies/African American Studies. Using annotated performances, workshops, web sites and collaborative media projects, she has engaged thousands of participants of all ages and from all walks of life, sparking interest and understanding of our shared cultures. NEW! View a concert demo online!

Her CD The Womansong Collection, featuring 24 woman-positive traditional and composed songs with historical notes and lyrics, has been widely and enthusiastically reviewed at home and abroad.

For additional resources in Women's Studies, Appalachian Studies, and folk music, or to learn how you can bring Gerri Gribi to your community, please visit her Homepage. For more information about ordering her CDs, please visit her online catalog.

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