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Some interesting links and resources don't fit any one category, so I'm starting a new section: Cool Sites and Other Stuff!

Welcome White Folks: White Readers Meet Black Authors

Not just for white folks, this blog introduces the African American section of the book store with weekly posts about what's new from black authors. You'll also find information about awards, book store events and more.

National Visionary Leadership Project

Generations of African Americans, both elders and young people, are united in this exciting new venture. College students interview living legends (all of them at least 70), some nationally known and others known primarily in their communities. All of this invaluable material is placed on the NVLP website, providing worldwide access to pivotal African American autobiographical narratives, and providing a whole new understanding of this country's past, and the lessons to be learned from it. Some of this material has been recently released in book format: A WEALTH OF WISDOM - LEGENDARY AFRICAN AMERICAN ELDERS SPEAK. Cosby, Camille O. and Renee Poussaint. New York, NY: Atria Books 2004. Read more about it or order at

Black Travel: Soul of America

The mission of Soul Of America is to publish travel information that addresses Black cultural sites, historic sites, shops, galleries, resorts, cruises, spas, entertainment, bed & breakfasts, events/festivals, sports travel, colleges, historic towns in America and the Caribbean islands.

The is a daily online magazine that provides thought-provoking commentary on today's news from a variety of black perspectives. The site also hosts an interactive genealogical section to trace one's ancestry through, a DNA testing site co-founded by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who is also The Root's Editor-In-Chief. The Root aims to be an unprecedented departure from traditional American journalism, raising the profile of black voices in mainstream media and engaging anyone interested in black culture around the world.

Harlem Renaissance Map, Walking Tour & Wall Poster Ephemera Press

Features homes, nightclubs, churches and other sites associated with Harlem's writers, artists, musicians, thinkers, and political leaders. Featuring portraits and drawings of buildings and streets, this illustrated map makes a beautiful poster suitable for framing. The back of the map provides addresses and an easy-to-follow walking tour of Harlem.

Jerry Jazz Musician

Interviews with prominent authors and topics like the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, the civil rights movement, the author Ralph Ellison's influence on American culture, the great saxophonist John Coltrane, and many others.

AfriCalendar: Time In Our Own Image

The AfriCalendar is a dating system based on African history and culture. It divides time into two afriperiods: before the Diaspora (btD) and the time of the Diaspora (otD.) There are 13 months, named for significant people and events, with the idea being that as you journey through the afriyear, you'll journey through African history and culture. The beautiful and positives images by Chidi Okoye (Nigerian-born master artist and sculptor) alone are worth the price of the calendar.

Digital Library: African American Resources

A librarian's choice of the best of the Web.

FotoSearch: African American images

Royalty free stock photos and images. See also their sister site for more African American Images: Can Stock Photo